James Owen sent this connection to radical portion astatine UF Health North past week: ‘For yourself, for your loved ones, get vaccinated’

41-year-old returns location  aft  battling COVID successful  ICU41-year-old returns location aft battling COVID successful ICU

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Last week, James Owen thought helium mightiness extremity up dying arsenic a effect of COVID-19.

News4Jax met the 41-year-old portion he was successful the intensive attraction portion astatine UF Health North. He was atrocious disconnected and wanted to fto radical cognize something.

“For yourself, for your loved ones, get vaccinated,” the Navy seasoned said Wednesday.

 ‘I consciousness   similar  we are successful  a war’UF Health Jacksonville caregiver connected moving successful ICU amid COVID surge: ‘I consciousness similar we are successful a war’

James Owen, who has not been vaccinated, has since returned home, wherever helium is present recovering with his wife, Ashely. Both contracted COVID-19 portion astatine a Fourth of July party, though his woman did not person to spell to the hospital.

James Owen is doing overmuch amended but is not retired of the woods.

“Today was a beauteous unsmooth one. Last night, my oxygen came out, truthful she had to aftermath maine up and enactment it in,” helium told News4Jax connected Tuesday. “So the past fewer hours, I’ve struggled to respire a small bit.”


News4Jax asked James Owen if determination are immoderate concerns astir semipermanent wellness implications.

“I don’t deliberation determination is capable probe yet to cognize if determination is going to beryllium any,” helium said. “It was benignant of questionable whenever I would ask, being that I’m asthmatic, and nary 1 could reply the questions.”

“We person not been capable to get him successful to spot his regular doc either,” Ashley Owen said. “I deliberation they’re conscionable overwhelmed with everything that is going on.”

Both are staying quarantined successful their location and some accidental that by telling their story, they’re helping others.

“Numerous radical that were connected the obstruction said that my communicative pushed them implicit to getting the vaccination, and that’s coming from immoderate precise hardheaded radical that I person served with oregon from each walks of beingness that mightiness beryllium stuck successful their ways that person made the alteration and either person already gotten vaccinated oregon are moving connected it arsenic we speak,” James Owen said.


Ashley Owen said: “We had a person who was anti-, perfectly no, no, no, didn’t judge successful COVID, and she got her archetypal vaccination today.”

James Owen said it was unsmooth successful the infirmary and inactive is, but helium said to beryllium capable to assistance others not extremity up successful this information makes the conflict worthy it.

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