5 augmented reality tools improving patient care

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AR isn't conscionable for fun. Medical schools, hospitals and caregivers are utilizing this instrumentality to assistance amended the lives of patients.

Augmented reality is nary longer conscionable associated with gaming oregon leisure activities. Today, it's playing, and volition proceed to play, a important relation successful helping lick analyzable health-related problems that amended diligent care. 

In summation to being utilized successful the military, existent estate, selling and education, AR is uncovering its mode into the healthcare sectors. With purpose-built disruptive technology, the health-related AR and virtual reality marketplace is expected to scope $5.1 cardinal globally by 2025

What is AR?

Augmented world is computer-generated imagery that provides an amplified oregon superimposed presumption of real-world surroundings and environments. It adds to the cognition of realism. The AR conception is breached down into sub-segments: AR displays, sensors, input devices, semiconductor components and others. 

How does AR assistance diligent care?

AR tin beryllium pivotal successful helping to heighten a aesculapian professional's quality to diagnose, dainty and execute diligent care, which yet helps amended attraction quality, timeliness and diligent experience. It tin supply real-time and much precise insights oregon assistance with diagnosis and procedures, reducing diligent stressors that originate from wellness concerns. 

AR tools are rapidly emerging successful assorted areas of healthcare, including: 

  • Physical show and accent reduction
  • Vision care
  • Surgeries and navigation
  • Mental health
  • Musculoskeletal views and diagnosis
  • Vascular visualization
  • Training
  • Dentistry

Depending connected uses and diligent needs, wellness attraction professionals successful hospitals, backstage practices and attraction facilities tin entree immoderate of these technologies and tools to amended diligent care.

5 AR tools that are improving diligent attraction

These are conscionable immoderate healthcare AR tools that are rapidly becoming captious successful the diagnosis, attraction and attraction of intelligence and carnal conditions.    



AccuVein makes it easier for aesculapian professionals to spot a patient's veins.

Image: AccuVein

AccuVein takes the guesswork retired of uncovering veins. Various types of portable units are utilized to scan and find veins nether galore conditions, specified arsenic starting IVs, cosmetic procedures, drafting humor oregon vascular procedures. 

Key benefits:

  • Reduces clip to find veins by astir 3.5 times
  • Two harmless barcode-scanner people lasers: an invisible infrared and a disposable red
  • Real-time representation of the subcutaneous vasculature up to 10mm deep
  • Safer and much businesslike venipuncture procedures
  • Decreases discomfort and anxiousness for patients
  • 39% simplification successful symptom successful adults and 59% successful children

AccuVein is disposable worldwide. Contact AccuVein to acquisition successful the United States. 


Brain Power


Brain Power helps neurodivergent radical and their parents and caregivers. 

Image: Brain Power

Brain Power is simply a solution designed for parents, teachers, schools and caregivers to empower radical with invisible neural differences. It was developed by a squad of neuroscience doctors, aesculapian doctors, erstwhile teachers, world-class bundle engineers, designers, managers and employees with autism. 

Key benefits:

Brain Power features a acceptable of interactive, augmented-reality, social-emotional learning games to amended skills for radical with autism, ADHD and different social-emotional challenges.

For teachers and caregivers

  • Self-paced learning to conscionable COVID-19 epoch needs
  • Practical and ready-to-apply strategies 
  • Professional learning that's evidence-based

For schools

  • Professional improvement courses for districts
  • One-click extremity tracking
  • Hybrid and region learning options

For parents and families

  • Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, astute glasses, gamification and SEL
  • Heads-up and hands-free to promote societal interaction
  • Repeatable signifier and gamified reinforcement
  • Real-time analytics to way progress

Visit Brain Power to find the close solution to conscionable your family, schoolhouse oregon teacher/caregiver. 

Brain Power



HoloAnatomy helps aesculapian students larn astir anatomy without utilizing cadavers.

Image: Case Western Reserve University

In collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic and Microsoft, HoloAnatomy was developed by a Case Western Reserve University squad arsenic a merchandise to in-person oregon remotely larn astir quality anatomy. It has eliminated the request for cadaver-based teaching practices.

Key benefits:

  • A pre-built plus room of implicit 8,000 assets
  • Multi-user interactive sessions that let instructors and students to interact simultaneously
  • Mixed-reality enactment combines carnal abstraction with a headset-delivered experience
  • 81% faster learning reported by students
  • Custom contented tin beryllium created for pupil consumption

Contact Interactive Commons to larn much astir licensing and concern opportunities.

Case Western Reserve University



Medivis helps surgeons with augmented world solutions.

Image Medivis

Medivis was founded by surgeons, radiologists and engineers to make a holographic aboriginal for country utilizing augmented world and machine imaginativeness advancements. They've joined forces with Microsoft to springiness surgeons and clinicians the powerfulness to amended surgical visualization and present amended diligent outcomes.

Key benefits:

  • FDA-cleared SurgicalAR improves the accuracy of surgical procedures
  • Hands-free spatial situation that enables accurate, real-time determination making 
  • Holographic overlays that summation surgical precision and alteration operating time 
  • Realistic extent cognition that enhances visuospatial understanding 
  • AnatomyX a broad anatomy laboratory and learning platform

Contact Medivis for accusation astir pricing for SurgicaAR oregon AnatomyX. 




Saagara helps radical amended diversion show and alteration stress. 

Image: Saagara

Saagara offers a suite of apps that radical worldwide usage to summation diversion performance, alteration accent and humor pressure, and amended wide health. Available successful the Apple App Store and connected Google Play, determination are 13 apps present offered that autumn nether the areas of breathing, yoga, meditation and learning.

Key features:

  • Non-demanding breathing exercises to maestro your breathing oregon conscionable relax
  • Progressive principles of yoga to assistance you find equilibrium and relieve stress
  • Exercise that improves intelligence acuity, representation and carnal strength
  • Access to broad guides 
  • The lone wellness augmented world app that teaches and entertains

Apps are escaped to usage connected Apple App Store and connected Google Play.

Google Play

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