At slightest 4 members who died were nether the property of 35, each of them healthy

Impact Church successful  Arlington.

Impact Church successful Arlington. (Copyright 2021 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved.)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville religion pastor said successful conscionable a small much than 2 weeks, 7 congregate members died from COVID-19, and much of their members are presently successful the hospital.

Six members died wrong 10 days of each other.

“I americium inactive moving done the passing of the astir caller person. I’m saddened by the losses. They were wonderful, loving people,” Minister and Principal of the church’s Christian academy Evelyn Robinson said.

Senior Pastor George Davis astatine Impact Church successful Arlington estimated 15 to 20 members are present successful the hospital, different 10 oregon truthful are astatine location quarantined with the microorganism and 3 to 5 vaccinated members besides tested positive.


During religion services, the religion requires masks, the auditorium is thoroughly cleaned successful betwixt services, it practices societal distancing, and offers manus sanitizer. After speaking with the families of the infected members, the pastor said helium is definite they contracted it from determination extracurricular of the church.

Davis said it was precocious July erstwhile they archetypal learned a subordinate tested positive. From then, it’s been a cascade of further cases. Those who passed, helium says, weren’t successful the infirmary agelong earlier they died.

In caller weeks, the religion has been pushing adjacent harder to get arsenic galore radical vaccinated arsenic possible. The religion held a vaccine lawsuit successful March wherever helium says 800 radical accepted the vaccine.

“All I cognize is my heart’s passionateness is to assistance the radical that I’m called to service and bash immoderate I tin to assistance spot to it that they are successful a healthier place,” Davis said.

The archetypal memorial work for the members who passed was held past weekend. It’s not wide the property of the astir caller idiosyncratic who passed.


The religion is providing escaped grief counseling to its members during this time.

Condolences to the household members and the church.

Copyright 2021 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved.

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