A Hidden Face With An Eyepatch Sets Off More Abandoned Speculation

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Blue Box Game Studios is heading towards not lone the merchandise of their crippled Abandoned, but archetypal the motorboat of a real-time trailer app for the PlayStation 5. Set to merchandise connected August 10, this app present known arsenic “Abandoned: Real Time Experience” volition diagnostic aggregate in-engine videos moving disconnected the PS5 hardware. In a caller tweet today, Blue Box posted a teaser representation for the app that’s reviving immoderate instrumentality theories astir the task having Konami’s and/or Hideo Kojima’s involvement.

“Are you ready? We are!” reads substance of the tweet. At archetypal glimpse the representation successful the tweet supra looks similar lone a logo. I missed the existent teaser hidden successful the inheritance the archetypal fewer times I looked astatine it. Behind the blurred facade you tin marque retired the silhouette of a person’s head, and person inspection volition uncover what looks to beryllium an eyepatch the close eye. A achromatic enactment follows on the brow of the face. Could it beryllium a reflection of light, oregon perchance much substance concealed down the blur?

Twitter users are moving with the representation which evidently looks similar immoderate saltation of Metal Gear Solid’s Snake donning an eyepatch. Some are adjacent trying to de-blur the representation to springiness a clearer look astatine the face, others are attempting to decipher the unreadable substance supra the logo. Now that I’m reasoning astir it, that font is looking precise acquainted arsenic well… 

Some theorists are focusing connected the face:

Others are taking a stab astatine the hidden text:

While different radical of dreamers person their ain expansive ideas: 

Blue Box Game Studios and Abandoned person been nether a microscope for months regarding theories the crippled is connected successful immoderate mode to Hideo Kojima, Konami, and the Silent Hill franchise. Some deliberation the game's director Hasan Kahraman's sanction is codification for Hideo Kojima, portion others followed wilder clues tied to the sanction of the workplace and the famed Death Stranding creator. Hasan denied the studios engagement with Konami and Silent Hill past period successful a video posted connected Twitter, however, if that's true, this caller teaser representation is not helping to alleviate that rumor. I was connected the broadside of Abandoned having thing to bash with immoderate Konami property, but present I don't cognize rather what to think. 

We'll find retired soon capable due to the fact that the Realtime Experience app for Abandoned is acceptable for preload connected July 29 PlayStation 5, and goes unrecorded with the archetypal trailer connected August 10. Hopefully determination volition beryllium immoderate answers to the gaming community's ever-growing database of questions successful there. Abandoned is scheduled to releases sometime this twelvemonth connected PS5 and connected PC "eventually."

What are your theories for Abandoned? Are we conscionable getting trolled, oregon is determination really a transportation here? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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