Baptist Health seeing an ‘all-time high’ of COVID-19 hospitalizations

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Baptist Health Jacksonville

Baptist Health Jacksonville (Google Maps)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In a connection Tuesday, Baptist Health’s president and CEO says Northeast Florida has been deed hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, “but it’s ne'er been arsenic atrocious arsenic it is now.”

Michael Mayo, Baptist’s CEO, writes that the company’s hospitals are seeing an all-time precocious of COVID-19-related hospitalizations. He said connected Tuesday, the fig of patients hospitalized astatine Baptist hospitals for COVID surpassed 400.

“Though this fig changes daily, the percent of unvaccinated patients has consistently stayed supra 97% during this surge,” Mayo writes.

Baptist Health reports ‘all-time high’ COVID-19 hospitalizationsBaptist Health reports ‘all-time high’ COVID-19 hospitalizations

Baptist Health Jacksonville said successful a tweet that connected Tuesday it was treating a full of 418 COVID-19 patients successful its web of hospitals (up from the 386 it reported Monday) and that 85 were successful intensive attraction (up from 82). Of those cases, 18 were astatine Wolfson Children’s Hospital, wherever six patients were successful intensive care.

Phil Gaby is the manager of strategical sourcing for Baptist Health. Typically, helium does contracting negotiations.


But now, arsenic hospitalizations soar, he’s helping retired astatine Baptist South’s exigency country connected a nightly basis.

“You know, our accepted radical who were successful the EDS nightly, it’s putting a strain connected them. So, you know, there’s a telephone of enactment wrong our wellness system,” Gaby said. “It’s 2 to 3 per displacement that we travel successful astatine each antithetic times connected a 24-hour basis.”

There are besides volunteers who enactment successful IT, accounting and analytics.

Gaby said he’s besides been helping transport patients, helping turnover room, present nutrient and get patients pillows and blankets.

“We’re determination to supply enactment and alleviate immoderate of the sound from the frontline caregivers to fto them absorption connected diligent care,” Gaby said.

UF Health Jacksonville has besides said it’s dealing with a surge of COVID patients. As of Monday, it had 175 patients hospitalized with the virus, 50 of whom were successful intensive care.


Chad Neilsen, with UF Health Jacksonville, tweeted Tuesday evening that hospitalizations were “skyrocketing.”

Like a no-hitter, I shouldn’t person said anything.. gait of covid-19 admits skyrocketing this evening. Get vaccinated.

— Chad Neilsen (@MajEbola) July 28, 2021

Dr. Mohammed Reza, an immunologist, has said the delta variant is preying connected the young and healthy.

“My pediatric colleagues are saying they’re seeing a batch much pediatric colonisation successful the hospitals, some due to the fact that of however overmuch much contagious and however overmuch much infectious this variant is,” helium said. “If I get infected with the delta variants, I’m producing astir 1,000 times much viral particles successful my lungs.”

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