File photograph  of Ben Frazier

File photograph of Ben Frazier (WJXT)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A well-known activistic and president of the Jacksonville Northside Coalition has tested affirmative for COVID-19.

Ben Frazier says helium has been vaccinated for the microorganism and has avoided hospitalization. He and different metropolis leaders are pushing for the nationalist to get the vaccine to debar becoming severely ill.

Notably, Baptist Health’s CEO wrote successful a connection Tuesday that the percent of its unvaccinated patients who person been hospitalized for COVID-19 has consistently stayed supra 97% during the caller surge. He said its wellness web is seeing an “all clip high” of COVID-related hospitalizations.

Florida and Southeast Georgia, according to the CDC, are presently considered “high transmission” for the virus.

The Jacksonville Civic Council has launched a run called Get The Facts Jax, hoping to enactment an extremity to the surge of infections and that much radical volition get vaccinated.


LINK: Jacksonville Civic Council launches website to promote COVID-19 vaccinations

Former Jacksonville Mayor John Delaney is heading up the Council.

“It isn’t truly about, necessarily, adjacent you getting the corruption and getting sick ... But it’s astir passing it connected to your parents, to your kids, to your grandkids to your neighbors. And it’s having a severely antagonistic interaction connected Jacksonville,” Delaney said.

Frazier said successful a statement:

“All the suspicion falls to the wayside erstwhile you oregon idiosyncratic you emotion is having occupation breathing due to the fact that of COVID.”

“It is simply a small frightening to spot radical that are vaccinated not lone travel down with COVID,” Delaney said. “But I deliberation it reiterates the crushed that we truly request to effort to get everybody vaccinated due to the fact that that stops the spread.”

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