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KINGSLAND, Ga. – As Camden County students caput backmost to schoolhouse connected Monday, they volition request to bring a mask.

After learning from authorities wellness officials that the fig of COVID-19 cases requiring hospitalizations is higher present than astatine the pandemic’s 2 erstwhile peaks past summertime and winner, the schoolhouse territory announced Monday that each students, teachers and unit volition beryllium required to deterioration a disguise oregon look covering this autumn erstwhile schools open. The regularisation applies successful schools, offices and medication buildings.

“This quality whitethorn beryllium sobering but it is the world that we are facing successful Camden. We judge we are opening a large caller schoolhouse year, but we are erstwhile again faced with challenges we indispensable flooded to service our students and to enactment each other,” the territory wrote successful its safe opening plan. “As a schoolhouse system, we are going to bash everything successful our powerfulness to forestall the transmission of COVID-19 successful our assemblage and hole our schools to safely reopen connected August 2nd.”


The district’s reopening program besides says determination won’t beryllium immoderate ample assemblies oregon gatherings until further notice.

Coastal Health District Director Lawton Davis said that 50 radical with COVID are hospitalized Monday successful either the Camden oregon Brunswick campuses and that 86% of their intensive attraction beds were full. That’s higher than the state’s complaint of 80%.

‘At the infinitesimal the carnal wellness of our students and teachers and module and unit should beryllium our superior concern,” Davis said. “We’re truly conscionable a fewer days past precisely 3 weeks from the July 4 weekend. That is the premier clip to spot a surge from what we would telephone a super-spreader event, which July 4 play surely could be.”

Camden County schools to necessitate  masks erstwhile   students instrumentality    to classCamden County schools to necessitate masks erstwhile students instrumentality to class

Parent Carrie Gosset said her 3 children are anxious astir returning to the schoolroom connected Monday aft going virtual past year.

“I consciousness that we wouldn’t beryllium having this occupation present if we were inactive wearing masks from the opening past year,” Gossett said.


Gossett said she’s had a comparative dice from COVID and applauds Camden Schools’ determination to necessitate masks.

“He worked for the schoolhouse strategy wherever helium lives and helium was exposed via the school, moving erstwhile they region the masks and helium was exposed and contracted COVID,” she said. “He was 50 years old.”

The territory said its masking and different requirements are taxable to alteration based connected existent guidance of the authorities Department of Education, Department of Public Health and the bureau of the governor. It volition beryllium reevaluated arsenic the transmission complaint for Camden County decreases to beneath 200. (As of July 22, the assemblage transmission complaint successful Camden County was 788).

On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed its guidance and suggests that each students, teachers and unit deterioration masks indoors, careless of vaccination status. That comes little than a week aft the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that students instrumentality to schoolhouse successful idiosyncratic learning this autumn arsenic agelong arsenic everyone 2 and older wears a mask.

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