Crews race contain fire near Athens after thousands flee

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An chopper drops h2o implicit a occurrence successful Varibobi area, bluish Athens, Greece, Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021. Firefighting planes were resuming cognition astatine archetypal airy Wednesday to tackle a large wood occurrence connected the bluish outskirts of Athens which raced into residential areas the erstwhile day, forcing thousands to fly their homes amid Greece's worst heatwave successful decades. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)

VARIBOBI – Firefighters successful Greece raced Wednesday to afloat incorporate a wildfire connected the outskirts of Athens that destroyed oregon earnestly damaged dozens of homes overnight, forced thousands to flee, and threatened a erstwhile royal palace, arsenic precocious temperatures fueled wildfires crossed the country.

Greece is enduring its worst vigor question successful decades, with temperatures successful parts of the state expected to scope 45 degrees Celsius (113 F). The Fire Service took vantage of cooler greeting hours to nonstop low-flying helicopters and planes to dump h2o connected charred wood onshore astir Tatoi, 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) northbound of the capital, wherever much than 500 firefighters had battled done the nighttime to incorporate the blaze.

“The crushed crews did captious work, (fighting) nightmarish fires successful suburban forests,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, visiting a mobile power halfway successful the area. “We had nary nonaccomplishment of quality life...Homes volition beryllium rebuilt, and implicit clip the wood volition turn back.”


Firefighters pumped h2o from a swimming excavation to douse the flames, and water-dropping buckets were attached to helicopters provided by the military.

Extreme upwind besides has fueled deadly wildfires successful Turkey and blazes successful Italy, Albania and crossed the Mediterranean region.

The occurrence extracurricular Athens sent clouds of fume implicit the Greek capital, obscuring visibility and prompting wellness authorities to contented warnings to radical with breathing difficulties to stay indoors. The grounds of a summertime palace antecedently owned by Greece’s erstwhile royal household were damaged, but nary of the buildings.

Sporadic powerfulness outages were reported successful areas of the metropolis adjacent the fire, aft the flames toppled energy transmission towers, adding strain to the overloaded nationalist grid.

Evacuations continued Wednesday connected the land of Evia, portion a occurrence threatened homes, and wildfires were besides ongoing successful the confederate Peloponnese region.


Authorities said 81 wildfires had been reported astir the state successful 24 hours from precocious Monday to precocious Tuesday.

“It was different exceptionally hard night,” Civil Protection main Nikos Hardalias said said portion visiting a occurrence section mobile coordination halfway successful the country of the occurrence successful the Varibobi and Tatoi suburbs of the Greek capital. He said occurrence fighters had succeeded successful reducing 4 progressive occurrence fronts to 1 overnight.

“There is inactive a batch of enactment to beryllium done,” helium said.

The leafy suburbs of Varibobi and Tatoi prevarication astatine the ft of Mount Parnitha, adjacent to ample forests of chiefly conifer trees. The fire, which began connected Tuesday day wrong the forest, rapidly raced done the flammable conifer and reached the main quadrate of Varibobi.

Some adjacent residents took to societal media to connection structure for animals affected by the fire.

The vigor question is forecast to proceed successful Greece until the extremity of the week. Emergency measures stay successful spot each week, including changes to moving hours and services, and heightened occurrence monitoring.


The authorities provided edifice rooms for section residents for arsenic agelong arsenic they are incapable to instrumentality to their homes. ___ Gatopoulos reported from Athens and Becatoros from Argostoli, Greece.

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