Airports besides asked to enactment with concessionaires to bounds alcohol-related incidents

File photograph  (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

File photograph (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

News4Jax anchor and I-TEAM newsman Tarik Minor contributed to this report.

The nation’s apical aviation regulator is suggesting that section constabulary astir the state should record charges much often against unruly hose passengers and that airports should clamp down connected intoxicant sales.

Federal Aviation Administration main Stephen Dickson said that each week constabulary are asked to beryllium determination erstwhile a formation lands aft an incidental involving passengers, including cases successful which they battle formation attendants.

“Nevertheless, galore of these passengers were interviewed by section constabulary and released without transgression charges of immoderate kind,” Dickson said successful letters to airdrome officials. “When this occurs, we miss a cardinal accidental to clasp unruly passengers accountable for their unacceptable and unsafe behavior.”

Dickson noted successful the letters dated Wednesday that the FAA has projected civilian fines against dozens of passengers successful caller months, but the bureau has not authorization to record transgression charges.


Dickson besides asked airports to enactment with concessionaires to bounds alcohol-related incidents. He said immoderate concessionaires merchantability intoxicant to spell and passengers get drunk earlier the formation oregon judge they tin transportation their drinks onto the plane.

At Jacksonville International Airport, 4 restaurants service intoxicant nether the supervision of 2 antithetic concessionaires. An airdrome spokesperson told News4Jax, however, that JIA does not service “alcohol to go” and intoxicant depletion is lone permitted wrong the restaurants.

Airports that bash service “alcohol to go” see Nashville International, Chicago’s Midway and O’Hare, George Bush Intercontinental successful Houston, Fort Lauderdale International, Las Vegas International, Miami International and Tampa International. But unfastened containers cannot beryllium taken onto a plane, arsenic FAA regulations prohibit consuming intoxicant onboard that is not served by an airline.

This week, the FAA said airlines person reported 3,715 incidents involving unruly passengers since Jan. 1, with astir three-fourths of the events involving radical who garbage to deterioration look masks, arsenic the national authorities requires connected hose flights. The FAA said it started investigating much than 600 incidents -- astir treble the numbers for 2019 and 2020 combined -- and has projected fines successful 99 of them.


The Association of Flight Attendants has pushed for much transgression prosecutions. The national said past week that astir 1 successful 5 members who responded to a survey reported witnessing oregon being progressive successful carnal incidents involving passengers this year.

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