Fred Durst's new look shocks Limp Bizkit fans

3 months ago 24
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Limp Bizkit is scheduled to execute this play astatine the monolithic Chicago euphony festival and Durst has radical talking astir a caller look helium shared connected his verified Instagram account.

The usually backwards shot headdress wearing rapper/actor/director switched it up.

    In the photograph helium sports longish, swooped grey hairsbreadth and a horseshoe mustache. The caption reads "thinking astir you 70."

      On Thursday it was the solo photograph connected his Instagram relationship aft each the remainder of the postings were deleted.

        The effect connected Twitter was varied from praise for the look to comedian Sean O'Connor tweeting that Durst "looks similar he's got into flipping houses connected HGTV."

        No connection yet connected whether Durst adopted the look for a role, a gag oregon is rebranding.

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