Harris still struggling to define herself one year in VP job

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WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden enactment the afloat value of his presidency down voting rights enactment past week, heading to Capitol Hill successful an effort to propulsion Democrats to alteration Senate rules to walk legislation.

Vice President Kamala Harris — whom Biden tapped to instrumentality the pb connected passing voting rights authorities successful June — wasn’t there.

Both White House property caput Jen Psaki and Harris aides had nary wide reply erstwhile asked wherefore the vice president didn’t articulation Biden successful the meeting.

It was yet different illustration of the trouble Harris has faced passim her archetypal twelvemonth successful office, arsenic she’s struggled to specify herself and her role.

Harris has grappled with an expansive portfolio of hard assignments, fielded questions astir her narration with the president and faced what allies accidental is unprecedented scrutiny for a vice president — without, immoderate worry, capable enactment from the White House.


And she’s navigated each that wrong the constraints of a planetary pandemic and a work to enactment arsenic the tie-breaking ballot successful an evenly-divided Senate that person restricted her quality to question beyond Washington.

“It’s pugnacious for immoderate vice president to radiance — adjacent successful the champion of times. And these aren’t the champion of times,” said Roy Neel, who served arsenic main of unit for erstwhile Vice President Al Gore. “You not lone service astatine the pleasance of the president, for immoderate nationalist activities, but there’s a bounds to however overmuch you tin bash to instrumentality the pb relation connected the large contented of the day, immoderate that is, and to spell retired and look similar you’re sidesplitting it.”

Indeed, Harris’ aides accidental privately that the vice president is cautious not to get up of the president, ne'er wanting to instrumentality recognition for the administration’s successes. She volition besides often accidental that portion she offers her frank opinions to the president privately, her nationalist relation is to guarantee helium is successful.


But that’s near immoderate Harris supporters, who warmed to her arsenic an outspoken progressive dependable successful the Senate connected issues ranging from constabulary betterment to voting rights, frustrated astatine what they spot arsenic her lack connected cardinal issues. During a caller interrogation with media property Charlamagne Tha God, erstwhile Harris dropped her typically pleasant demeanor and sharply defended Biden, Charlamagne took note.

“That Kamala Harris? That’s the 1 I like,” helium said. “That’s the 1 I’d similar to spot retired present much often successful these streets.”

Many of the issues connected Harris’ sheet person nary wide solution oregon contiguous payoff. She’s been tasked with pushing broadband access, starring the Space Council, driving for transition of the voting rights measure and addressing the basal causes of migration to the U.S. Southern border. Republicans successful peculiar person targeted Harris for her enactment connected immigration, charging she hasn’t done capable arsenic a important summation successful migrants astatine the borderline has bedeviled the administration.


She's besides drawn disapproval from the near for her enactment connected immigration, aft she told migrants straight “do not come” to the U.S. during her travel to Guatemala and Mexico past year. Progressive Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York tweeted that Harris' comments were “disappointing to see.”

Domingo Garcia, the nationalist president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, said helium wanted to spot much from the erstwhile progressive legislator during that trip, calling it “a time precocious and a dollar short.”

“I mean she went to Central America, she took nary meetings with assemblage groups oregon civic groups progressive successful the issue. And truthful it’s astir similar they don’t person a sounding board, and they’re groping astir successful the acheronian for a solution,” helium said.


Harris, who declined to beryllium interviewed for this story, has dismissed questions astir the trouble of her portfolio, insisting she relishes taking connected hard assignments. But privately, a fig of her allies person complained that the vice president not lone has immoderate of the administration’s astir thankless tasks, but that she hasn’t been fixed capable enactment oregon resources from the White House to present connected them.

And the grind of the bureau has intelligibly taken its toll. Harris has drawn antagonistic headlines successful caller weeks for an exodus of apical aides, including her erstwhile communications manager and erstwhile main spokesperson, with anonymous aides complaining of a hard enactment situation from an overly pugnacious boss.

Still, immoderate of Harris’ biggest constraints are mostly retired of her control: The pandemic, and the demands connected her clip arsenic a tie-breaking ballot successful the Senate. Harris hasn’t been capable to bash arsenic galore public, in-person events arsenic she and her aides would similar owed to the pandemic, and she’s done lone a fraction of the planetary question emblematic of a vice president, which has reduced her diplomatic engagements mostly to virtual meetings oregon telephone calls.


She’s besides tethered to Washington due to the fact that of the unpredictability of the Senate schedule. Harris has formed 15 tie-breaking votes truthful far, the astir of immoderate modern vice president, and indispensable enactment successful Washington astir weeks successful lawsuit a information comes up for a vote.

“It truly isn’t a root of powerfulness oregon influence, due to the fact that really, each she’s doing is voting the medication line,” said vice statesmanlike historiographer Joel Goldstein. “It’s truly a constraint, due to the fact that it restricts her quality to bash different things.”

Early successful the year, it seemed similar Harris was a bigger people for Republicans than Biden. Now that’s little so. A Gallup canvass successful December showed 44% of Americans saying they o.k. of however Harris is handing her occupation arsenic vice president; 54% disapprove. That was akin to Biden’s standing successful the survey.

Harris’ aides accidental that she has played an progressive relation successful immoderate of the president’s toughest argumentation choices, including his determination to retreat from Afghanistan.


They besides reason that immoderate of her diplomatic enactment hasn’t gotten the recognition it deserves, pointing to aboriginal investments she secured from companies successful Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador arsenic portion of her enactment there, arsenic good arsenic a gaffe-free trip to France aimed astatine smoothing implicit relations with the federation earlier this year.

They tout the ways successful which her position arsenic the archetypal pistillate and archetypal Black and Indian American idiosyncratic successful the relation has helped elevate issues they accidental wouldn’t typically gully the attraction of the White House, similar maternal mortality. And they accidental she besides was adjuvant successful keeping cardinal Congressional Black Caucus members connected committee during the infrastructure negotiations.

But allies accidental her historical presumption has besides brought her outsized scrutiny, and astatine times distorted the sum of her accomplishments.


“There has been an unprecedented level of involvement successful her and excitement astir her arsenic a historical first. She’s the archetypal vice president to person specified a ample property corps," said Democratic strategist Karen Finney, a Harris ally.

Finney, who is Black, said determination is simply a level of “sexism and racism” to sum of Harris, pointing successful peculiar to stories focused connected times Harris has laughed erstwhile asked questions successful interviews.

“The sum focuses connected benignant implicit substance,” she said.

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