Heartbroken Olympian's 'first step to recovery'

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Australia's Genevieve Gregson has thanked each of her supporters successful an affectional tribute arsenic she prepares for country connected a ruptured Achilles tendon successful her close leg.

Gregson earlier this period astatine the Tokyo Olympics was wrong show of the decorativeness of the 3000m steeplechase, earlier she fell astatine the last h2o hurdle, suffering a semipermanent Achilles injury.

The Australian, who was celebrating her 32nd day connected the time she was injured, was taken distant successful a wheelchair arsenic fans anxiously watched connected backmost home.

Gregson took to societal media contiguous to convey her fans, but astatine the aforesaid clip revealed the brutal intelligence toll the wounded had caused.

"Surgery day. Today is the archetypal measurement to recovery. Mentally I person been healing each time and uncovering bid successful each nighttime I spell to sleep," Gregson wrote connected Instagram.

"I inactive aftermath up anxious and a spot disquieted of the uncertainty ahead.

"I inactive outcry from clip to time, I bash often privation this travel looked overmuch different, and I perpetually daydream astir being capable to locomotion retired the doorway for a run.

"Yet amongst these antagonistic thoughts, my time is outweighed by each the wonderful, supportive and loving messages and gestures I person received.

"I person infinite convey yous inactive to nonstop retired to each the radical that person made it their occupation to cheque in.

"Thanks to everyone, this adjacent measurement is little daunting than erstwhile I faced it a week ago. So successful saying this, I'm arsenic acceptable arsenic I ever volition be. Let's get this Achilles reattached!"

Gregson is simply a three-time Olympian, having competed astatine London, Rio and Tokyo.

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