Impact Christian Academy begins first full school year in Regency Square Mall

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – For the longest time, kids would walk their summers hanging retired astatine malls and dread going backmost to school.

This year, dozens of section students are starting their schoolhouse twelvemonth disconnected wrong a mall.

Impact Christian Academy is marking its archetypal twelvemonth astatine Regency Square mall.

The religion has been determination for years, and present its schoolhouse is determination too.

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The schoolhouse opened backmost successful 2015 connected Lone Star Road, which is simply a small much than 2 miles distant from the caller building.

Some students spent immoderate of past semester astatine the caller schoolhouse part-time.

Now, everyone is learning successful the caller gathering full-time. Wednesday marked a peculiar day.

“We are highly excited,” main Evelyn Robinson said. “We person been waiting for this infinitesimal for a portion and astatine the aforesaid clip personally, I was a spot anxious due to the fact that I privation to marque definite our children are harmless and not afraid.”


Robinson is opening her 4th twelvemonth arsenic main astatine Impact Christian Academy, which is location to 215 students from kindergarten done 12th grade.

Students are back-full clip aft experiencing hybrid learning past twelvemonth due to the fact that of the pandemic.

“There’s thing astonishing astir students being capable to beryllium face-to-face with her teachers,” Robinson said. “Just the magic that happens with each the teachable moments to person each the students backmost connected campus.”

There are inactive a batch of COVID-19 protocols successful place. Students indispensable deterioration a mask, get manus sanitizer arsenic soon arsenic they travel in, and get their temperatures checked.

Parents are not allowed wrong the building. A institution heavy cleans the schoolhouse each nighttime and teachers sanitize their classrooms aft each session.

Robinson said it is simply a challenging adjustment.

“We’re utilized to hugging truthful giving elbow love,” she said. “[Now we’re] trying to displacement similar ‘Okay everybody, let’s springiness a small elbow love.’ Our students are precise friendly, and our assemblage is simply a precise tiny community, truthful they cognize each other.”


Robinson says everyone is getting utilized to the caller hallways and classrooms, portion anticipating the caller additions to the school, including a cafeteria and value country connected the way.

With each the excitement, Robinson believes this volition beryllium a large schoolhouse twelvemonth for students and staff. She hopes families are comfortable.

“It speaks a batch erstwhile idiosyncratic trusts you with their astir invaluable treasure, which is their child,” Robinson said.

Robinson said she wants this twelvemonth to beryllium a “Reset” and “Push forward” year. She is looking guardant to restarting immoderate of the sports teams that had to person their seasons chopped abbreviated oregon outright canceled due to the fact that of the pandemic.

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