Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection Delayed To 2022 To Alleviate Additional Pressure On The Team UPDATE

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Life is Strange: True Colors is conscionable astir the corner, and portion the squad implicit astatine Deck Nine is moving connected Alex's story, arsenic good arsenic the Wavelengths DLC that stars Steph Gingrich, the workplace did denote a hold for the Life is Strange: Remastered Collection. 

Deck Nine offered an update connected the Life is Strange bid successful a caller societal media post, including confirmation that Life is Strange: True Colors volition get connected September 10, with the Wavelengths DLC slated for a September 30 release. Life is Strange: Remastered was primitively expected to motorboat astir the aforesaid time, but Deck Nine wants to guarantee the information and wellbeing of its team, which is incredibly important. To bash conscionable that, the determination has been made to propulsion backmost the Remastered Collection to sometime aboriginal 2022. 

Deck Nine via Twitter

In caller years, hidden workplace civilization has been dilatory coming to light. We're seeing it present with the Activision Blizzard lawsuit. We've seen it with different studios similar Rockstar Games, Riot, and Ubisoft, and we've adjacent seen worrisome reports from indie studios, arsenic well. Now, much than ever, teams indispensable look retired for 1 different to beforehand harmless and steadfast enactment environments. Not conscionable successful games but each industries. Though it's casual to beryllium a small disappointed erstwhile an anticipated rubric is pushed back, it's amended to instrumentality attraction of those crafting these adventures than to pain retired the acquisition totally. Whenever the Remastered Collection arrives, we're excited to dive backmost into the travel of Max and Chloe erstwhile more. 

UPDATE: The Nintendo Switch mentation of Life is Strange has besides been pushed back: 

Additionally, Life is Strange: True Colors for Nintendo Switch is moving a small late.

We won’t beryllium rather acceptable to merchandise connected September 10 – but we inactive program to merchandise this year.

Please ticker our channels for a confirmed day implicit the coming weeks!

— Life is Strange (@LifeIsStrange) August 12, 2021

To larn much astir the satellite of Life is Strange, beryllium definite to cheque retired our True Colors hub here to larn much astir the newest protagonist and the darker broadside of empathy. 

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