LIVE: Ricky omen haunting Raiders' finals hopes

2 months ago 18
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If the Canberra Raiders are to marque the finals, numbers dictate Ricky Stuart indispensable bushed the Melbourne Storm astatine slightest erstwhile successful the regular season.

Stuart doesn't precisely clasp the astir desirable grounds arsenic manager against Melbourne with conscionable 9 wins from 28 starts against them.

But much notable than that is the information that nary of his teams person ne'er made the finals without beating the Storm successful the regular season. Just erstwhile has helium beaten Storm successful the regular play and missed the finals (2014).

The past clip the brace clashed this play was backmost successful circular 12 wherever Craig Bellamy's men moved distant with a 34-10 win.

That leaves Ricky's Raiders conscionable 1 accidental to fulfill the numbers tonight, or, potentially, interruption past successful a fewer week's time.

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