The website for Suncity Group is seen connected a machine surface successful Beijing, China, Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021. Chinese authorities person issued an apprehension warrant for the caput of Suncity Group, Macao's biggest junket organizer implicit accusations that helium helped tally an amerciable cross-border gambling syndicate. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan) (Ng Han Guan, Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

BEIJING – Macao constabulary connected Saturday detained the caput of Macao’s biggest junket organizer and others aft Chinese authorities issued an apprehension warrant for them implicit accusations that they ran an amerciable cross-border gambling syndicate.

The arrests successful the gambling enclave came aft prosecutors successful Wenzhou, successful the eastbound state of Zhejiang, connected Friday accused Suncity Group CEO Alvin Chau and different person, Zhang Ningning, of starring cross-border gambling operations and mounting up casinos crossed China.

Casinos and astir forms of gambling are amerciable successful mainland China, and Macao is the lone Chinese metropolis allowed to run a casino. Mainland visitors are capable to question to Macao to gamble but are required to get a visa.

“Based connected grounds obtained from erstwhile transgression investigations, the (Macao) constabulary brought the transgression fishy Chau and different persons progressive backmost to the constabulary presumption for probe successful accordance with the instrumentality this morning,” Macao's authorities said successful a connection connected Saturday.


Authorities said they had been investigating the lawsuit since July past year. They said that the gambling syndicate has 199 shareholder representatives, implicit 12,000 agents that promoted its gambling operations and much than 80,000 gamblers successful its network.

The syndicate besides acceptable up plus absorption firms to assistance gamblers with cross-border money transfers and to retrieve debts they owed, authorities said,

In 2019, China’s authoritative Xinhua quality bureau accused Suncity of targeting mainland gamblers with online gambling and proxy-betting operations based successful Cambodia and the Philippines. Suncity denied the allegations.

Authorities said the syndicate “severely damaged the societal bid of the country” and connected Friday urged Chau to crook himself successful in speech for a much lenient punishment.

Hong Kong-listed Suncity Group could not beryllium reached for remark by telephone and did not instantly reply to email inquiries.

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