Microsoft Teams offers more features to help stressed frontline workers

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Microsoft Cloud for Retail and caller features successful Microsoft Teams are aimed astatine the 80% of workers who are usually near down by technology.


Technology tin assistance frontline workers successful dining, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and different industries.

Image: Microsoft

There's been a batch of treatment astir distant and hybrid enactment for employees who usually spell into an office, but 80% of the planetary workforce is frontline employees successful retail, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare and different industries wherever unit can't enactment from location and don't beryllium successful beforehand of a computer, according to the latest study from Microsoft's Work Trend Index. "The pandemic accelerated the technological translation for accusation workers – those folks who went location and usage things similar video conferencing, but our probe shows that we're present astatine a precise akin inflection constituent for these frontline idiosyncratic roles," says Microsoft firm vice president of modern work, Jared Spataro.

"Frontline includes radical similar nurses and doctors – they're decidedly connected the frontlines of providing the service. It includes radical connected the manufacturing level who aren't moving straight with customers but are connected that frontline and really producing the goods and they indispensable beryllium determination successful idiosyncratic successful bid to make the goods. And it includes radical successful retail oregon successful eating environments who person to beryllium determination successful person."

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Thanks to features designed for frontline workers – from displacement absorption and clip tracking tools to mobile video chat that blurs the inheritance truthful healthcare workers don't person to interest astir confidential diligent accusation showing up if they instrumentality a telephone from the ward – Microsoft Teams usage has grown fourfold since March 2020 (Figure A), arsenic reported successful Microsoft's Work Trend Index. The biggest increases person been successful healthcare, fiscal services and communications, but it's besides up successful automotive, retail, manufacturing, energy, question and hospitality.

Figure A


Microsoft Teams usage is up importantly successful galore industries.

Image: Microsoft

"Increasingly, Teams has been utilized arsenic a connection hub successful these types of roles successful a mode that wasn't anterior to the pandemic," Spataro notes. To find retired what features volition beryllium astir useful, the latest study from Microsoft's Work Trend Index focuses connected frontline workers who are some cardinal to palmy businesses and, helium admits, "traditionally underserved by technology."

Like everyone else, frontline workers are stressed, and they consciousness undervalued (Figure B). "They privation much enactment for carnal exhaustion and intelligence wellness – they consciousness that overmuch much could beryllium done to assistance proviso concatenation issues and to assistance with labour shortages that are making the occupation particularly hard close now," Spataro explains. There's small airy astatine the extremity of the tunnel: They deliberation enactment volition beryllium conscionable arsenic stressful successful 2022, oregon much so.

That shared accent has improved bonds with co-workers, but they don't judge institution enactment is putting capable accent connected gathering a supportive civilization oregon communicating efficaciously with them.

Figure B


Workplace culture, mediocre communications and atrocious absorption are the main sources of accent for frontline workers.

Image: Microsoft

Frontline managers, who ought to beryllium conduits for that civilization and communication, consciousness the strain adjacent more, and they consciousness organizations are failing the frontline.

From Microsoft's Work Trend Index report: "60% of frontline workers are feeling that civilization and connection has been lacking for them, and 32% accidental their dependable is conscionable not being heard." 63% of frontline workers and 69% of frontline managers accidental messages from enactment don't marque it to them.

Spataro notes, "Think astir section heads, store managers connected the store floor, advisors: They are incredibly important astatine this infinitesimal of stress, due to the fact that they're the glue betwixt firm and employees who interact with customers the most. These managers foster buy-in; they boost morale; they guarantee that concern strategy that comes from the apical is really executed connected the ground."

Frontline workers invited exertion positive grooming and enactment

Most of the treatment astir the Great Reshuffle has focused connected nonrecreational workers, but it's really frontline, debased wage and work workers who are much apt to beryllium changing jobs arsenic they deliberation astir however enactment fits into their lives. According to the Microsoft Work Trend Index report, the apical 5 reasons for reasoning astir changing jobs are making much money, amended work-life balance, not receiving wage increases, getting amended benefits and much flexibility successful however they work.

That makes this an accidental for organizations to amended the enactment situation and the civilization of enactment to clasp employees oregon adjacent pull caller talent, and exertion similar Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva and the caller Microsoft Cloud for Retail, which is present mostly available, tin assistance with that. "While exertion isn't the lone answer, it tin beryllium cardinal to alleviating stress, to streamlining these frontline concern processes, to improving civilization and connection and truly making things amended each around," Spataro says.

The accustomed presumption is that frontline workers fearfulness being automated retired of a occupation by technology, but Microsoft's Work Trend Index survey suggests they actively invited exertion that volition assistance them, arsenic agelong arsenic they get the enactment and grooming they request (Figure C). "Technology is ranked 3rd connected the database of things frontline workers accidental volition trim accent – down wage and vacations but up of intelligence wellness and well-being benefits."

Figure C


Better exertion comes close aft a wage emergence and much abrogation days arsenic what frontline workers privation from work.

Image: Microsoft

63% of frontline workers are excited astir the occupation opportunities exertion creates, but a 3rd of frontline workers and managers successful the 8 industries successful the Microsoft Work Trend Index survey said they don't person the exertion they request to bash their occupation efficaciously (Figure D). That's adjacent higher (41%) for radical not successful absorption positions.

Figure D


Frontline workers privation exertion to assistance with their work, but they besides privation grooming and enactment for utilizing that technology.

Image: Microsoft

What they interest astir is little being displaced by automation and much the unit to accommodate rapidly to caller technology: 55% accidental they person had to larn caller tech with nary ceremonial training. Viva Learning is an enactment for helping unit with that but integrating Microsoft Teams with the vertical applications and rugged devices they're already utilizing tin simplify adoption. This is the aforesaid benignant of integrations that Microsoft Teams is fashionable for successful the office, but for frontline-specific tools.

The Teams Walkie Talkie app present works with the Push To Talk fastener connected the rugged Zebra handhelds galore frontline workers transportation for scanning barcodes, checking inventory oregon looking up prices for a lawsuit successful a store, arsenic good arsenic connected rugged Samsung devices (Figure E). It's besides present disposable connected iOS, not conscionable Android devices.

Figure E


Integration with communal retail devices from Zebra uses Teams Walkie Talkie for Push To Talk and connects displacement management.

Image: Microsoft

Similarly, the Reflexis displacement scheduling exertion commonly utilized successful retail is present disposable wrong Microsoft Teams, truthful workers tin spot their shifts, and managers tin allocate unit oregon o.k. displacement changes. Shift enactment is 1 the defining characteristics of frontline work, and galore employees are besides seasonal hires and flex workers alternatively than afloat time-employees, truthful they're little apt to beryllium profoundly acquainted with systems and processes.

That whitethorn assistance explicate wherefore frontline workers are proactively and enthusiastically adopting exertion for tasks similar managing shifts: Team scheduling was the apical task frontline unit are looking for exertion to assistance with.

"In galore cases, a batch of our customers are really virally uncovering our exertion and our applications," says Emma Williams, firm vice president for modern enactment engineering astatine Microsoft. "At 1 of the world's largest retailers, successful their caput bureau successful Europe, it was really the displacement workers and frontline workers who recovered Microsoft 365 Shifts themselves. [They're saying] ohio wow, this thing's amazing, I tin usage Microsoft Shifts with my chap co-workers successful our retail store. They're immense advocates."

How Microsoft tech tin assistance with virtual appointments, communications and task management

Managing appointments is different spot frontline workers deliberation exertion tin assistance them (along with onboarding caller teammates, automating repetitive tasks and providing real-time task updates). Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Bookings app already assistance with virtual appointments; present there's an overview for keeping way (Figure F). "We're bringing unneurotic successful 1 spot wherever frontline workers and frontline supervisors tin spot a broad presumption of their appointments with real-time updates connected things similar hold times, queuing, missed appointments and staffing delays, which volition truly streamline the experience," says Williams.

Figure F


Tracking virtual appointments successful 1 spot with the Bookings diagnostic helps frontline managers and workers.

Image: Microsoft

Viva Connections, which Williams describes arsenic a mobile intranet portal, is 1 of the tools Microsoft suggests volition assistance businesses get backmost connected way with communications and gathering civilization by combining institution news, resources and conversations with colleagues with accusation astir tasks. Integration with services similar Workday and Espressive bring payroll and HR resources to Viva, with options similar getting a notification erstwhile your interruption is implicit truthful you tin timepiece backmost connected successful the app (Figure G). Williams says, "You already get your displacement docket present connected this mobile device, and you get your tasks connected the mobile device, but you could besides entree your institution portal and you tin entree your payroll successful 1 place."

Figure G


Frontline workers tin spot accusation from services similar Workday arsenic cards successful their Viva Connections dashboard.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Cloud for Retail includes AI tools to foretell request and IoT integration to assistance way the authorities of the proviso concatenation (Figure H) and amusement banal accusation connected a mobile device; it tin besides assistance organizations acceptable up curbside pickups of online orders. These features could trim the frontline workers' accent erstwhile dealing with unhappy customers who can't find what they want. 

Figure H


Microsoft Cloud for Retail includes Dynamics 365 applications for seeing what's happening crossed the proviso chain.

Image: Microsoft

The AI successful Microsoft's retail unreality work promises insights and productivity for frontline workers with intelligent displacement absorption that automatically assigns tags to retail unit that lucifer their docket and displacement radical sanction to marque it easier who to walk accusation connected to during a shift, and intelligent routing for the Walkie Talkie channels successful Teams, moving retired which transmission retail workers should articulation to find their teammates baaed connected which transmission is astir utilized and what idiosyncratic unit are moving connected astatine the time.

Once you person each those tools connected a mobile device, losing it is adjacent much inconvenient. If it's managed with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, an admin tin usage the GPS-powered representation to way down a misplaced device, oregon they tin present trigger an audio notification large capable to find it connected a noisy manufacturing enactment oregon store floor.

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