Nikola founder Milton freed on $100M bail after fraud arrest

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The laminitis and one-time enforcement seat of Nikola Corp. was freed connected $100 cardinal bail Thursday aft pleading not blameworthy to charges alleging helium lied astir the electrical and hydrogen-powered motortruck startup, duping novice investors including immoderate financially struggling radical looking for income during the pandemic.

Trevor Milton, 39, of Oakley, Utah, resigned from Nikola successful September amid allegations of fraud. At the time, Milton said helium would support himself against accusations that the institution made mendacious claims astir its vehicles, allegations Nikola rejects.

In an unsealed indictment Manhattan national court, Milton was charged with securities and ligament fraud.

At an arraignment, Milton pleaded not guilty. He was released connected $100 cardinal bail, secured by 2 Utah properties, including 1 that a authoritative said was precocious appraised astatine $36 million. Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn ordered him not to interaction investors unless helium had an autarkic narration with them.


Marc Mukasey, 1 of Martin's attorneys, alerted the justice that immoderate fiscal accusation successful the tribunal grounds would person to beryllium revised, including a connection that immoderate Milton slope accounts contained $50 million.

Mukasey said it was "a batch little than that arsenic we recognize it.”

As helium near the courthouse afterward successful a suit and purple tie, Milton declined to reply questions.

His lawyers issued a connection done a spokesperson saying justness “was not served by the government's enactment today, but it volition beryllium erstwhile Mr. Milton is exonerated.”

The connection called the lawsuit "a caller debased successful the government’s efforts to criminalize lawful concern conduct. Every enforcement successful America should beryllium horrified.”

“Trevor Milton is an entrepreneur who had a semipermanent imaginativeness of helping the situation by cutting c emissions successful the trucking industry. Mr. Milton has been wrongfully accused pursuing a faulty and incomplete probe successful which the authorities ignored captious grounds and failed to interrogation important witnesses,” it added.


Manhattan U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss said Milton from November 2019 done past September “brazenly and repeatedly utilized societal media, and appearances and interviews connected television, podcasts, and successful print, to marque mendacious and misleading claims astir the presumption of Nikola’s trucks and technology.”

She told a quality league that the charges were “where the rubber meets the road.”

The Securities and Exchange Commission filed abstracted civilian charges.

Shares of Nikola Corp., headquartered successful Phoenix, Arizona, tumbled 7% earlier the opening doorbell Thursday. By 2 p.m., it had fallen by 10 percent.

Milton's claims were aimed astatine retail investors lacking nonrecreational acquisition successful the securities markets, including radical with nary acquisition who began trading stocks during the coronavirus pandemic to regenerate oregon supplement mislaid income oregon to inhabit clip during the lockdown, the indictment said.

Some, it said, suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars successful losses, including the nonaccomplishment of status savings oregon funds they had borrowed to put successful Nikola.


Meanwhile, Milton was motivated to mislead investors to “enrich himself and elevate his stature arsenic an entrepreneur,” the indictment said, noting that his holdings successful Nikola were valued astatine $8.5 cardinal astatine 1 point, moving him person to his imagination of being listed among the world's 100 wealthiest people.

Milton was described successful the indictment arsenic a “serial entrepreneur from Utah with nary ceremonial inheritance successful engineering” erstwhile helium started Nikola successful 2015. After Nikola announced successful March 2020 that its banal would beryllium publically listed, Milton “became progressively preoccupied” with its banal terms and keeping it high, it said.

The indictment cited galore nationalist statements Milton made arsenic mendacious and misleading, including his claims that the institution had aboriginal occurrence astatine creating a “fully functioning” semitruck prototype known arsenic the “Nikola One.” Milton knew the prototype was inoperable, it said, and was missing cardinal parts, including gears and motors.


Last year, a study from Hindenburg Research said Nikola’s occurrence was “an intricate fraud” and based connected “an water of lies” including a video showing a motortruck rolling downhill to springiness the content it was cruising connected a highway, and stenciling the words “hydrogen electric” connected the broadside of a conveyance that was really powered by earthy gas.

The video was included successful the indictment, on with Milton's mentation that the motortruck did not thrust nether its ain powerfulness due to the fact that motors and gears were removed for information reasons and that Milton “never deceived anyone.”

Milton besides misled investors erstwhile helium said Nikola had engineered and built an electricity- and hydrogen-powered pickup motortruck known arsenic “the Badger” from the “ground up” utilizing Nikola's parts and exertion erstwhile helium knew that wasn't true, the indictment said.

The indictment alleged helium misled investors arsenic good erstwhile helium said Nikola was producing hydrogen astatine a reduced outgo “when Milton knew that successful information nary hydrogen was being produced astatine each by Nikola, astatine immoderate cost.”

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