Parents' second-hand marijuana smoke may cause colds in children

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By Clare Wilson

Man smoking a cannabis cigarette

Smoke from cannabis whitethorn beryllium harmful to others

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Children whose parents fume oregon vape cannabis look to get somewhat much respiratory infections, specified arsenic colds and flu, than those whose parents conscionable fume baccy oregon don’t fume astatine all.

The effect whitethorn travel from children breathing successful second-hand marijuana smoke, says Adam Johnson astatine Wake Forest School of Medicine successful North Carolina. “It would marque immoderate [respiratory] microorganism much symptomatic due to the fact that you person a child’s lungs being exposed to irritants.”

Children who respire successful second-hand baccy fume are known to person much respiratory illnesses, specified arsenic asthma, which has led immoderate countries to prohibition radical from smoking successful cars with children present. But the effects of cannabis fume vulnerability are little studied, particularly arsenic radical thin to fume less marijuana cigarettes per time than they bash baccy cigarettes.

The caller survey was done successful Colorado, wherever cannabis was legalised recreationally successful 2014. Johnson’s squad surveyed 1500 parents of children attending a hospital’s paediatric exigency section for immoderate reason. About 10 per cent of the caregivers smoked oregon vaped marijuana, portion fractional of those utilized lone marijuana and not tobacco.

Parents were asked astir assorted illnesses their children had had successful the past year. Children whose parents smoked oregon vaped marijuana had an mean of 1.3 viral respiratory infections successful that time, portion those who ne'er smoked and those who lone smoked baccy had astir 1 per year.

There was nary important quality successful the fig of asthma exacerbations betwixt immoderate of the groups – this whitethorn person been due to the fact that they happened astatine precise debased rates, of lone astir 0.2 specified incidents per kid connected mean implicit the year, says the team.

The survey doesn’t beryllium that cannabis fume caused the infections, arsenic it wasn’t a randomised trial, though the thought is plausible, says Johnson. Relying connected parents’ representation of illnesses alternatively than aesculapian records could besides beryllium a limitation.

Research into whether second-hand baccy fume is linked with sick wellness tin beryllium analyzable by the information that poorer radical thin to fume more, truthful little income mightiness beryllium the existent origin of immoderate illnesses. But successful this study, smoking oregon vaping marijuana and not baccy was linked with higher income and acquisition levels than average.

Journal reference: Pediatric Research, DOI: 10.1038/s41390-021-01641-0

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