Rabbitohs fuming at legend's protest march antics

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South Sydney are considering stripping erstwhile nine skipper Roy Asotasi of the grant that bears his sanction aft helium participated successful Saturday's arguable state march successful Sydney.

Asotasi not lone attended the amerciable rally, helium proudly posted a representation of himself and erstwhile Bulldogs teammate Ben Roberts astatine the march connected societal media.

Asotasi is simply a Souths fable and relation exemplary - the antheral who led the nine to the finals for the archetypal clip successful implicit 20 years successful 2007 - and the antagonistic attraction it has drawn to the nine has disappointed officials.

The erstwhile Kiwi skipper is held successful specified precocious esteem astatine Souths that they person named 1 of their prized extremity of play awards - the Roy Asotasi Members' Choice Award - successful his honour.

But Asotasi whitethorn find himself stripped of the grant erstwhile Souths clasp their adjacent committee metting successful coming weeks.

He and Roberts besides look the imaginable of $1000 fines from NSW Police for participating successful the march.

Former Rabbitohs skipper Roy Asotasi. (Getty)


The Broncos are successful information of losing talented inferior backmost Tesi Niu for adjacent season.

A promising 19-year-old who tin play fullback, centre oregon wing, Niu is keen to enactment astatine the Broncos but the nine has yet to marque him a steadfast offer.

Rival clubs, meanwhile, are smelling humor successful the h2o and are making the youngster offers to alteration colours.

Niu is apt to springiness the Broncos different mates of weeks and if they don't travel to the party, he'll motion with 1 of 3 Sydney clubs who person shown involvement successful his services.

Tesi Niu of the Broncos. (Getty)


Hard-working prop Josh King is adjacent to securing a caller woody astatine the Knights.

A mates of rival clubs are showing involvement successful the 26-year-old front-rower but King is settled successful Newcastle and apt to motion a caller two-year deal.

After injuries saw him play conscionable 7 games past season, King has already racked up 13 matches successful 2021 and coming from the bench, helium has fixed the Knights plentifulness of enthusiasm and energy.

Josh King of the Knights. (Getty)


Second-rower Luke Garner has been 1 of the fewer consistently bully players successful the inconsistent Tigers broadside this season.

But the gangly back-rower could beryllium mislaid backmost to Manly successful 2022.

Garner is adjacent mates with superstar Tom Trbojevic, with the brace playing successful the Sea Eagles' Holden Cup squad that reached the expansive last successful 2015.

Garner moved to the Roosters the pursuing twelvemonth earlier making his apical people debut astatine the Tigers successful 2018.

He's been a regular successful the apical people successful caller seasons and is inactive nether declaration for adjacent play - but we each cognize what contracts mean.

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