Storm teen sent flying in monster hit

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Canberra Raiders prima Jack Wighton could soon beryllium adding Tackle of the Year to his galore accolades aft helium enactment a crunching deed connected Storm winger Dean Ieremia.

Late successful the archetypal fractional of Canberra's 26-16 nonaccomplishment to Melbourne, Wighton charged retired of the antiaircraft enactment to enactment a elephantine tackle connected Ieremia, which instantly enactment the 19-year-old connected his backside.

Nine's commentator Mat Thompson labelled the deed arsenic an casual contender for the champion tackle of the season.

"There's Tackle of the Year for you!" Thompson said successful commentary for Nine.

"Jack Wighton connected Dean Ieremia, people it down."

Jack Wighton's crunching deed connected Dean Ieremia (Nine)

While the tackle from the reigning Dally M medalist was 1 to marvel at, arsenic arsenic awesome was the play that followed moments later.

The playmaker's large effort was followed up by a Storm knock-on, which rugby league immortal Andrew Johns believes was a effect of Wighton's quality to animate his teammates to lift.

"Look astatine the absorption of the Canberra players aft the Jack Wight hit,"

"How helium inspires his teammates. Whack!"

"The reaction, the adjacent fewer players, they're flying. Look astatine the intensity.

"The mode helium inspired his teammates. What a large play."

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