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CANBERRA, Australia — Australia’s superior volition spell into lockdown for a week from Thursday aft a azygous lawsuit of COVID-19 was detected and the microorganism was recovered successful wastewater.

Canberra joins Sydney, Melbourne and respective cities successful New South Wales authorities that are locked down owed to the delta variant.

Canberra residents tin lone permission location for indispensable reasons from 5 p.m. connected Thursday, wide retail stores volition beryllium closed and hospitality venues volition lone to capable to merchantability takeout, an Australian Capital Territory authorities connection said.

Schools volition beryllium unfastened to students who cannot enactment astatine home.

The corruption is the archetypal locally-acquired lawsuit successful the metropolis of 460,000 since July 10 past year.

A Canberra resident, a antheral aged successful his 20s, had been infectious successful Canberra since Sunday and tested affirmative connected Thursday, Australian Capital Territory Chief Health Officer Kerryn Coleman said.

The root of the corruption was unknown, she said. Coronavirus was detected successful wastewater precocious Wednesday, she said.


The lockdown starts connected the last time of a two-week sitting of the Federal Parliament.



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— California 1st authorities to necessitate COVID-19 vaccine oregon trial for teachers, staff

— New Zealand plans to commencement reopening borders aboriginal adjacent year

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ISLAMABAD— Pakistan connected Thursday reported 102 deaths from coronavirus successful the past 24 hours, the highest single-day toll from COVID-19 since April.

The National Command and Operations Center says 4,934 caller infections were reported crossed the state successful the past 24 hours amid continued violations of societal distancing rules.

Most infections and fatalities are being reported successful confederate Sindh and eastbound Punjab provinces.

The spike has added unit connected the country’s fragile healthcare strategy and authorities.

The authorities is requesting radical to get vaccinated against coronavirus arsenic soon arsenic imaginable to instrumentality to a mean life.

Pakistan has reduced the maximum duration for the 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccines from 48 to 28 days aft importing millions of doses of vaccines from China. Pakistan is besides expected to get much vaccine nether the COVAX strategy this month.


Pakistan has reported 1,085,294 confirmed cases and 24,187 deaths since the commencement of the pandemic.


ATLANTA — Four tiny Georgia nationalist schoolhouse districts person temporarily unopen down in-person acquisition wrong days of starting school, saying precocious COVID-19 lawsuit counts among students and unit makes it unsafe to continue.

Other districts person closed idiosyncratic schools oregon sent hundreds of students into quarantine aft vulnerability to radical with COVID-19.

The 1,100-student Macon County territory connected Wednesday became the 4th territory to suspend in-person classes, pursuing the smaller Taliaferro, Glascock and Talbot counties successful caller days. The 4 districts combined service a fraction of 1% of Georgia’s 1.7 cardinal students.

“The quality present successful this outbreak that we spot than the outbreak that happened past schoolhouse twelvemonth is that this seems to beryllium much centered connected kids…rather than adults truthful that scares maine to death,” Talbot County Superintendent Jack Catrett told WTVM-TV.


The moves amusement the trouble of keeping schools unfastened arsenic COVID-19 surges successful Georgia’s broader society, contempt the determination of section schoolhouse leaders to absorption connected in-person classes this year.


HOUSTON — Defiance of Gov. Greg Abbott’s prohibition connected disguise mandates continued connected Wednesday arsenic different Texas schoolhouse territory announced plans to necessitate students to deterioration look coverings and different region scored a ineligible triumph successful its efforts to contented specified mandates amid a surge successful COVID-19 hospitalizations passim the state.

The Houston suburb of Spring became the latest to necessitate its students, teachers and unit to deterioration masks. School districts successful Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Fort Worth person besides issued disguise mandates. The superintendent of Houston’s schoolhouse district, the state’s largest, planned to inquire his schoolhouse committee to o.k. a disguise mandate during a Thursday meeting.

The mandates spell against an enforcement bid Abbott repeated past period banning disguise mandates by immoderate state, region oregon section authorities entity.


On Wednesday, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins signed an enforcement bid requiring that masks beryllium worn wrong schools, region buildings and businesses. The enactment by Jenkins, the apical elected authoritative successful Dallas County, came aft a authorities territory justice connected Tuesday granted a impermanent restraining bid against Abbott’s enforcement order, allowing Jenkins to contented the disguise mandate.

The ineligible ruling from Dallas County follows 1 from earlier Tuesday erstwhile different justice issued a antithetic impermanent restraining order, allowing officials successful San Antonio and Bexar County to mandate masks successful nationalist schools.

Officials successful Fort County, located conscionable southwest of Houston, announced Wednesday day they would besides record a suit seeking to override Abbott’s prohibition connected disguise mandates.

Renae Eze, a spokeswoman for Abbott, said successful a connection that violating the governor’s enforcement orders “and violating parental rights — is not the mode to bash it.”



OTTAWA — Canada’s migration curate says afloat vaccinated Canadians volition soon beryllium capable to get a authorities papers that volition certify their COVID-19 vaccine past for the intent of planetary travel.

The document, expected to beryllium acceptable by the fall, volition beryllium digital, with an enactment for those who cannot oregon bash not privation a integer certificate. Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino says it volition see information connected the benignant of vaccines received, the dates and the location.

Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc says the programme has to beryllium done successful practice with provinces and territories due to the fact that they person the information that is needed. He says if provinces privation to usage the aforesaid passport wrong their state that could beryllium an option.

Quebec is introducing a provincial passport adjacent period that volition beryllium required for radical who privation to be nationalist events, spell to the gym oregon predominant a edifice oregon bar.



OKLAHOMA CITY — The superintendent of a nationalist charter schoolhouse successful Oklahoma City said students and unit indispensable statesman wearing masks indoors, defying a authorities instrumentality that prohibits specified mandates.

Superintendent Chris Brewster astatine Santa Fe South Schools, a 3,500-student, pre-K done 12 territory successful southbound Oklahoma City, besides said successful a missive connected the district’s website that helium is exploring whether to necessitate vaccinations for schoolhouse employees.

Brewster did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a instrumentality earlier this twelvemonth prohibiting nationalist schools, exertion centers and colleges and universities from requiring vaccinations oregon masks unless determination is simply a declared authorities of emergency. Stitt ended Oklahoma’s exigency declaration successful May.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister said she plans to conscionable with Stitt to sermon reinstating the exigency declaration. Stitt’s bureau didn’t instantly respond Wednesday to a petition for remark connected whether he’s reconsidering a declaration.


While galore districts person indicated they expect students and unit to deterioration masks, Santa Fe South is the archetypal successful Oklahoma to necessitate them. Tulsa Public Schools planned a gathering Wednesday to see imaginable litigation against Stitt implicit the disguise prohibition.

Similar defiance to disguise laws is occurring successful different states that person imposed specified bans.


PHOENIX — Arizona State University connected Wednesday announced the schoolhouse volition necessitate masks successful definite indoor settings, specified arsenic classrooms and labs, careless of vaccination presumption to assistance combat the dispersed of COVID-19.

A assemblage argumentation connection posted Wednesday said different settings wherever masks volition beryllium required see “close-quarter environments wherever carnal distancing whitethorn not beryllium possible.” Those see facilities that service the public, gathering rooms, workshops and immoderate indoor areas designated by posted signage.

Arizona connected Wednesday reported 1,970 caller COVID-19 cases and six further deaths. There were 1,513 hospitalized COVID-19 patients arsenic of Tuesday.

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