Violent arrest in Colorado reignites anger over policing

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AURORA, Colo. – A video showing a constabulary serviceman pistol-whipping and choking a Black antheral during an apprehension successful a Denver suburb has reignited choler implicit policing successful the community, with activists connected Wednesday decrying what they accidental is conscionable the latest illustration of the mistreatment of radical of color.

Aurora Officer John Haubert was arrested connected suspicion of attempted first-degree assault, second-degree battle and felony menacing charges, aft officers responded Friday to a trespassing study wherever they recovered Kyle Vinson, who is biracial and identifies arsenic Black.

Haubert's lawyer, Reid Elkus, has vowed to “zealously defend” him. Another serviceman is accused of not intervening to effort to halt him.

The assemblage camera footage shows Haubert clasp his pistol to Vinson’s head, onslaught him with it, choke him and endanger to sprout him.

“You’re sidesplitting me,” Vinson cried, gasping for air, arsenic Haubert holds him down, the video shows. “If you move, I volition sprout you,” Haubert said.


The footage has angered activists who privation to bring attraction to a constabulary section plagued by allegations of misconduct successful caller years, including the 2019 decease of Elijah McClain.

McClain was walking down a thoroughfare successful the metropolis eastbound of Denver successful August 2019 erstwhile helium was stopped by section constabulary aft a 911 telephone reported a suspicious man. The 23-year-old Black antheral was wrestled to the ground, enactment into a neckhold and injected with 500 milligrams (0.02 ounces) of ketamine by paramedics. McClain died little than a week later.

No officers were charged successful that lawsuit but Democratic Gov. Jared Polis asked Attorney General Phil Weiser to reinvestigate whether anyone should beryllium prosecuted aft the lawsuit drew renewed attraction pursuing the sidesplitting of George Floyd. The probe is inactive pending.

Last year, the Police Department besides came nether occurrence for an incidental wherever four Black girls were handcuffed and ordered look down successful a parking batch aft a stolen car mix-up.


“This isn’t astir conscionable Elijah oregon conscionable astir Kyle. This is astir the assemblage astatine whole,” said Lindsay Minter, a precocious schoolhouse way manager and subordinate of the city’s constabulary task force. “When I speech to the kids that I coach, they’re ever similar ‘If you travel into Aurora, you permission connected probation.’ Period. They don’t consciousness safe.”

Police Chief Vanessa Wilson called Vinson's lawsuit an “anomaly” connected Tuesday and asked the nationalist not to overgarment the section “with a wide brush.” She enactment the officers connected permission and denounced Vinson’s attraction arsenic a “very despicable act.”

Rathod praised her for trying to alteration the section but blamed Mayor Mike Coffman for not denouncing what happened oregon apologizing to Vinson. He called connected Coffman to resign.

Vinson’s lawyer, Siddhartha Rathod, whose instrumentality steadfast besides represents McClain’s parent successful a suit against Aurora, said the metropolis has a agelong past of failing to subject is officers for misconduct.


In a tweet, Coffman said helium did not deliberation it was due for him to remark until the probe is complete.

“The clip has travel for a person who volition basal up for communities of colour and basal against constabulary violence,” Rathod said.

Based connected his acquisition with erstwhile cases, Rathod believes contention played a relation successful however Vinson was treated by police.

“Both our clients look to person been treated with hatred and disdain successful portion due to the fact that of the colour of their skin,” helium said.

Rathod said the transgression justness strategy treated Vinson, who faced an apprehension warrant for a probation violation, much harshly than the serviceman accused of beating him. His enslaved was not acceptable until Wednesday, requiring him to stay successful jailhouse arsenic helium waited, portion Haubert was capable to crook himself into authorities and beryllium released quickly, helium said.

Mari Newman, the lawyer for Elijah McClain’s begetter and estate, said she represented the household of a young Black man, Jamaal Bonner, who was fatally changeable 3 times successful the backmost by Aurora constabulary astir 20 years ago. The lawsuit resulted successful a colony successful which constabulary agreed to alteration grooming and recruitment tactics and to marque definite their unit looked “more similar the assemblage they’re policing,” she said.


“Despite these legally binding commitments that the metropolis of Aurora made, they person gone connected to proceed to brutalize Black and brownish bodies for decades,” Newman said.


Slevin successful Denver contributed to this report. Nieberg is simply a corps subordinate for the Associated Press/Report for America Statehouse News Initiative. Report for America is simply a nonprofit nationalist work programme that places journalists successful section newsrooms to study connected undercovered issues.

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